Google Docs Equation Editor
Unofficial Shortcuts List / Cheat Sheet

If you ever found yourself trying to figure out shortcuts while using the Google Docs equation editor, this page might be helpful.

The Google Docs equation editor is based on the LaTeX syntax, but LaTeX is much more complex, so if you aren't familiar with LaTeX, it isn't exactly easy to try and find working shortcuts.

I made this page when I discovered that the shortcuts are actually in the editor code (as an aria-label attribute on the buttons themselves), but aren't really available in an easy-to-search manner as far as I could find. I am not in any way affiliated with Google.

If you are looking for special characters or symbols that are not listed here, you can go to Insert → Special characters from the Google Docs toolbar and search by name.

Other people have since contributed to this list. See GitHub issues for a list of contributed elements.

Greek letters

Element Shortcut

Miscellaneous operations

Element Shortcut


Element Shortcut

Maths operations

Element Shortcut
\subscript or _
\superscript or ^
\int or \intab
\oint or \ointab
\sum or \sumab
\lim or \limab


Element Shortcut


Those aren't in the menus, but they work! If anything is missing, feel free to contribute on GitHub.


Element Shortcut
Binomial distribution \choose or \binom
Hat symbol (^) above element \hat
Vector symbol(→) above element \vec
Maximum \max
Minimum \min


Element Shortcut
Del / Nabla symbol \nabla
Angle symbol \angle


Element Shortcut
Logarithm \log
Natural logarithm \ln
Exponent \exp
Trigonometry functions \sin, \arcsin, \cos, \arccos, \tan, \arctan, \csc, \sec, \cot